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What I Wonder About The Royal Family

When I wonder about the royal family, I wonder about their day to day lives. I wonder if the Queen washes her own hair, and what she has for breakfast. I wonder if tea is only made in dainty china, never mugs. I wonder about the process of making a shopping list, the little treats they like. If they've ever had a Magnum.

I wonder how they process being princes and princesses. I wonder if, when the children are of an age to have a sort of understanding, they have a talk with them. Explain how it works. Explain that they're special. And how they do that without inflating egos. I imagine anxieties over little boys running riot at nursery, stealing toys - because mummy says they're royal.

I wonder if the Queen reads, and who her favourite author is. I wonder if she watches telly and I wonder if she secretly loves Loose Women.

I wonder about secret scandals, hidden romance and mental illness, and I wonder about their Sunday lunch - making small talk around the table and settling onto the sofa for a lazy afternoon.

I wonder if they see the humour, in a lifetime of waving and smiling, and I wonder if they ever wish for anything more.