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2015 theatre highlights

Photo of People, Places and Things, taken by Johan Persson.

I saw some great theatre in 2015 and I've narrowed it down to a list of ten highlights, all of which felt like, to me, demonstrations of what theatre can do and be at its best.

So, in no particular order...

Clarence Darrow
Because: Kevin Spacey! A masterclass in performance..

The Car Man
Because it was visually stunning and brilliant storytelling. The best Bourne I've seen, and probably one of the best shows I've seen.

This Is How We Die 
Because Christopher Brett Bailey spitting sick stories from a desk is electric. Think Spalding Gray meets Karen Finley meets William Burroughs - but with really cool hair. GOOD COMBO.

Five Feet In Front (The Ballad Of Little Johnnie Wylo)
Because this felt like a dream. This young company (The Letter Room) did something really exciting here. It was foot-stomping, mystical fun. Felt a bit like Miyazaki meets Tarentino.

Ross And Rachel
Because it broke me. This wasn't at all what I expected. Honest about relationships and loss - it hit home real hard. Clever writing and a wonderful performance.

Iphigenia In Splott
Because Sophie Melville acted her heart out. One of the only standing ovations I've experienced at the Fringe and so deserved. See it for yourself at the National soon.

The Wars of the Roses: Henry VI
Because it was impressive and enjoyable and Alex Waldmann as Henry VI was a revelation -  funny, sweet and completely believable.

He Had Hairy Hands
Because it was real good, cleverly constructed silly fun, that you couldn't help but love and laugh at. An absolute riot.

People Places Things
Because I watched with eyes wide open, with a feeling of tunnel vision awe, tears streaming at the honesty and vulnerability of it all - of Denise Gough's incredible performance and Duncan Macmillan's words. One of the best things I've ever seen. You have to go see this.

Oresteia (Almeida)
Because how could it not be? Epic without being distanced - we looked closely at the emotions behind every unbearable choice and situation. We bore witness to something important, and something really bloody (quite literally) cool.