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I'm inspired by people that work hard, and love fiercely
People that don't judge, but are warm.

It's not about big personalities that dominate but rather not giving up, not forgetting, and so never being forgotten,
but not worrying if you are.
Knowing you're not the most important person in the room.
But the task at hand. The caring.

I'm inspired by women like my mum and her best friend
Who have cared for so many. And are warm and loving and resilient, amidst all difficulty.
They've learned and grown and adapted, until the end.
With a smile. And a joke.

I'm inspired by people who care about, and with, their creativity, to the point of making themselves vulnerable.

I'm inspired by people who say yes to what seems like everything
But it's not
Because they know know how to say no.

I'm inspired by people who aren't afraid to take up space
But who also make sure other people take up space.

Strength isn't about being the loudest person in the room
It's anyone who's got back up after they've been knocked down
And anyone who's done that, again and again
Without building a wall

That's what I'm inspired by

Written as part of Cassy Fry's DIYCreativeClub challenge.