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Have hope

Have hope, my dear.

Have hope that even if things don't get brilliant, they get better.

That you'll sleep through the night.

You won't be there to see the streetlights switch off in the early hours. You'll be lost in your slumber.

Have hope that you'll smile again. You'll care what you eat. What you look like. What your friends are doing.

Have hope that your mind is tricking you when it says you will always feel this way, and you should always feel this way. You won't. You shouldn't.

Have hope that one day, you will look back, and it will all feel worlds away. That you'll be able to, with conviction, tell other people to have hope.

Because it does get better. I promise.

Written as part of Cassy Fry's DIYCreativeClub challenge. The phrase "even if things don't get brilliant, they get better" taken from Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe's beautiful play Every Brilliant Thing.