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I have this collage on my bedroom walls at home. An accidental collage built up of cuts from magazines, photos, tickets from the cinema or theatre or trains, leaflets, wristbands and packaging.

It's from when I was about fifteen. I used to put anything that felt like it meant something on my door, which spread onto my walls, until it was this visual mass of experience for me to look at everyday.

I used to collect everything, then - to display, and later on in a memory box, mostly full of theatre tickets. Now, I'm less sentimental. I keep the birthday cards that matter and a few things that hold strong memories, but tickets - once they've lurked in my bag for a week or so, they're thrown out.

It's quite sweet to look back on this collage. It's still there when I go home and I haven't quite had the heart to take it down. It's not that I want to preserve my teenage life, I just don't see the point. It may as well stay.

It's sweet because I think it shows how exciting everything felt during that time, even though I probably didn't realise it. Cinema tickets kept from films that I didn't even care much for seem to celebrate the fact that I went with friends. I was growing up and doing things without my parents and maybe that felt big, worth marking.

Now, my walls are minimal. I couldn't deal with displayed scraps of paper - that would stress me out. I have framed photos of friends and of art. Even my online life, it could be a collage of memories but it's all quick thoughts on plays and on life - very little on the actual experience of my life.

At university we spent too much time taking photos, and now I think we don't take enough. I want to find a way to preserve more memories - of good times and the people that matter. I don't want my twenties to be a blur that I look back on fondly - I want photos of us laughing. I want to make a collage of it all.

Written as part of Cassy Fry's DIYCreativeClub challenge.