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Back to school

I wish I remembered what it felt like. That first day back at school.

I presume we talked about our holidays, and compared timetables, and maybe commented on new hair cuts and eyed up each other's stationery, but, I don't really remember.

I presume it felt like a big deal, going up through the year groups, and feeling that bit more grown up being in year eight, nine, ten, with years underneath us, looking up to us.

Amidst the insecurities, as a group I think we felt strong, together. But we were all so scared.

I might not recall the first day back but I do recall that ongoing wondering of how does everyone else have it so sorted? Wearing the right things and exuding something other than anxiety.

If I could go back, and talk to my younger self, I'd say not to worry. Because everyone is a bit worried and winging it, just like you. And that it'll all work itself out. That the things that make you different now, that make you feel noticed and uncomfortable, they'll be what make you you, what makes you proud and makes you find your tribe. You won't care what people think of what you read or what you wear. You'll even be confident.

But I wouldn't listen. Because who really takes on board advice if it's not something they've learned already. (Especially if it comes from a hypothetical version of yourself from the future. That shit wouldn't go down well.)

If I could go back to school I'd do it all differently. Or maybe just the same.

I wish I could remember that first day back.

Today is the first day of Cassy Fry's #DIYCreativeClub Challenge with creative prompts everyday in September to respond to however you wish. I'm going to try to stick to this. I never push myself to write beyond my limited ideas and so I found the idea of this really appealing, especially seeing what other people share too.

So, if you're so inclined - get involved!