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Previously on this blog

I've just seen I'm pretty much at 150 posts on this blog, which seems kind of crazy!

I thought I'd do a little "best of" post, to share with you the posts that really mean something to me and that people have really responded to.

How to be positive (even when everything is a bit rubbish)
This is probably my favourite post. Because it pulls all the experiences into something practical and something hopeful.

My experience with depression
Here I talked about the day to day experience of living with depression. It's kind of sad to read back on, as I'm thankfully so far from that place now. It seemed to help people which was wonderful and made what was a difficult post so worth sharing.

What is anxiety?
This one is on anxiety, a few weeks after it had resurfaced. Again, maybe helpful if you've experienced.

When did you last pray?
About praying, my beliefs and my doubts.

Myths and truths on alcoholism
Sharing mine and my family's story was scary but I'm glad I did. We've moved on with mental health stigma but addiction lags behind. This is important.

The style of this kind of picks up on my frustrations with the situation of my chronic illness and how surreal it had all been. If that's of interest also peruse The POTS Posts - a blogpost with links to everything I've written on it.

No More Page 3 & The "lads mags" debate
These are very much linked, and are things we need to keep talking about.

Thank you to anyone who has ever read or commented - it means a heck of a lot!