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The Bloggers Tag (Q&A) / Why I blog

Image: Michael Leunig

So I'm sure one of these already exists in some form but hey ho! The #lbloggers chat has just finished and got me thinking more about the whole blogging malarkey. I was going to write a "why I blog" post but didn't quite have the energy for structure, paragraphs etc so thought I'd go down the Q&A route. Like the good old days on myspace!

When did you start blogging?
My post first post was May 2010, then that December. It was February 2011 that I started posting regularly.

What was your first blog post?
The post was called 'Oh Stephen!' and it was essentially two videos of Stephen Fry talking about life, with a little bit of text accompanying. I could do with getting back into posts like this. I'm a bit all or nothing now.

Why did you start blogging?
I think I just liked the idea of it, having my own little space on the world wide web. My first two posts were just videos of other people talking that I found inspiring. I didn't really know how to start blogging, or why.

I remember talking to a friend after we'd seen a play at Theatre503, about this urge to write but no clue what about and she suggested theatre. I often went and I loved it, so it made sense.

When did you start to love blogging?
I saw Ruby Wax's show Losing It about mental illness and wrote a review, but it veered into personal territory. I mentioned my own experience briefly but mostly wrote thoughts about stigma and attitudes around mental health. I found something I was really passionate about, and the post got shared around a bit. It was liberating and quite exciting.

Is the reason you blog now the same reason you started?
I blog now because I feel the need to write something, so I do. The difference is knowing what I want to write. It's become more of a hobby rather than grasping at straws.

Perhaps I'm also more motivated by educating people in a way, about chronic illness, mental health etc - the chance to change some opinions or help people out.

What do you post about?
Theatre, chronic illness, mental health, positivity, a bit of beauty. Lots of things really.

What have you learned since you started blogging?
That honesty makes you vulnerable but can also really help people, and yourself. To write because you enjoy it foremost. To not compare yourself to other people.

How has your blog changed?
I have a sense of direction. At some stage I realised what I was writing about and changed the title to 'on performance & positivity'. It then helped to have this in place, broad enough to allow variety but also prodding me when inspiration is needed.

I've also more recently posted what I found enjoyable - so the #100happydays posts (until they weren't) and also monthly beauty posts. A while back I might have thought that's something I shouldn't/couldn't do, but now I think what the heck. Write what you enjoy.

Any hopes for the future for your blog?
That I'll keep doing it? I enjoy it and that's important. I'd like to write more really. Perhaps a book one day but who knows.

How much of yourself do you reveal in your blog?
Of myself in the day-to-day sense: very little. I rarely post photos of myself and don't talk too much about what I do, people in my life etc. However, in another sense I reveal a huge amount when it comes to personal struggles. Seeing the stats go through the roof for the post I wrote about depression and anxiety was a little scary and exposing, but the positive comments and thank yous made it so worthwhile.

Blog post you're most proud of?
I guess the depression post because it seemed to help a lot of people but really it'd be How to stay positive (even when everything is a bit rubbish). It sums up a lot of what I think on positivity and how I deal with life. It was therapeutic to write and nice to read back.

What's the most difficult thing about blogging?
Finding the time.

And what do you love most?
Getting to have a regular output for writing. I bloody love the world wide web. Positive feedback gives me encouragement and confidence, but mostly I just really enjoy it.

Recommend one blogger.
Girl Lost In The City for a bloody good read.

So, feel free to replicate and share your answers. Thing I like about the Twitter chats is getting different perspectives on blogging so would be interested to see people's answers!