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Why I'm stopping #100happydays


I'm 36 days into the #100happydays challenge but I think I'm going to leave it there.

I hate to be a quitter, it's a little embarrassing really but to be honest, I can't be bothered. That sounds more teenager-ish and apathetic than it should be. I just don't think it suits me, or I don't suit it.

I thought I'd find it all pretty easy - I'm quite a positive person and even on the tough days I manage to find the good, but the difficulty came in photographing that. It got a little depressing really.

If you'd believe my Instagram feed, the highlight of many of my days within this challenge was a cat, a candle or food. I like all those three things, but for them to be emblematic of my happiness seems a little odd. Or very appropriate. Either way, they don't make for great photos.

Ticket stubs featured heavily too and acted as a nice reminder of what I'd been seeing. But really a quick blog post of what I thought, either for each show or as a round-up - that's something I'd rather write, and read.

I mean sure, these moments did bring me happiness but my highlights were never really photo-worthy. A nice conversation and moments of laughter and connection - they were my moments. Just not in a "grab the camera phone" kind of way.

There's also something a little odd about documenting the happy moments, as they happen or even at the end of the day. It almost taints them. As you sit there content to then think "great - this will be my #100happydays moment" - as if you're ticking something off a list.

I'd rather just acknowledge and appreciate it, rather than then feeling the need to share it with the world. And I think that was the problem - feeling the need. When something becomes an obligation, it changes it. You wonder how happy you are if you struggle to find something photo-worthy, but that's silly.

All that said, this has reminded me to take a heck of a lot more photos. It's important and nice to look back on. But the photos I take will be of loved ones, good times and nice views - not of a Tesco packaged desert, or the cat being cute again (ok I probably I will take that photo, but not everyone needs to see).

If you'd like more info on the #100happydays challenge click here and if you'd like to follow me on Instagram you can do so here. If you struggle to find the positives then hopefully it will help you. As long as you enjoy it and maybe get some cool photos out of it then that's good and it's worthwhile.

For me, I'll just keep clocking and counting my blessings as they happen, and maybe banging on about that process on here now and then.

All the best,

A (happy) quitter

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