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#100happydays: week four

I'm finding #100happydays more difficult now - skipping days and not bothering as much. Maybe the novelty has worn off, or maybe I'm just feeling a little apathetic in general. I try to always find the positives, but to try to capture them in photo form still feels a little odd.

Still, if nothing else this has reminded me to take more photos. But perhaps these little happy moments are better to jot down - just for myself. There's a weird mix of the visual and the public that I'm still not entirely comfortable with.

My real happy moments don't always make for interesting photos, nor really interesting reading. It's a "you had to be there" feeling where a one-line journal might well be better. Or, in the spirit of the challenge - at least to just keep with Instagram. Then spend time writing about things I care about, like the plays I saw the other weekend.

I'll keep going now I've started, I'd hate to leave this unfinished. Perhaps it's just the mood I'm in. That may pass, and this may help. We shall see.

#100happydays week four

Day 25: More food related indulgence/happiness.

Day 26: More cat related cuteness. It's a bed attached to a radiator. I am jealous of this cat.

Day 27A brilliant day up London with lovely people. Meal at Wahaca followed by a play at Soho Theatre (The One: funny but bleak, but brilliant) followed by afternoon tea, followed by another play at Soho Theate (Bitch Boxer: joyous and an incredible solo performance). Five out of five for this day.

Day 28: Ok so this was going to be a photo of my relaxing pink bath with Lush bath bomb, until it stained my bath and made me mega stressed. I won't say which one as it was probably just a bad batch and customer services are being great. So instead, I love these super cool silky brightly coloured Ali Baba trousers my mum got me from Goa.

Day 29: Feeling pretty dreadful health wise but the cats looked after me. Have I mentioned they're pretty cute?

Day 30: Alison's leaving do (sad) but love this present - a professional poster for her yet to be fully realised one-woman show of Dirty Dancing. She is both faces. It is good.

Day 31: An unexpected but enjoyable moment in the office...

Day 32: A lovely day at Wise Words Festival - a talk on chronic illness and writing followed by an hour of brilliant performance poetry. All in a yurt in Greyfriars Franciscan Garden. The sun shone and it was a really inspiring day.

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