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A mother's day thank you

a mother's day thank you

I remember when I was about nine entering my mum for a 'Mum Of The Year' competition. In my entry I talked about how she was the best Mum ever. My reasons for this were that she'd bought me a telly, a Sega Megadrive and a hamster. In retrospect, they feel like pretty flimsy reasons but hey, it won us a holiday to Dorset!

Obviously a lot has changed since then. I guess I've been through a lot over the past five years and it's just made me appreciate my mum so much more.

So I just wanted to say thank you. For holding my feet when I'm cold, and holding me when I'm sad. For always making me laugh, even when I wouldn't think it possible. For being a shining example of strength, kindness and humility. For making me know that you really are always there for me.

So thank you Mum. You absolute hoot!


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