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#100happydays: week two

I struggled with #100happydays this week. It didn't seem right to keep posting about my supposedly "happy days". They weren't happy days. We lost my Grandad on Wednesday.

He had his ailments, as most 94 year olds do, but he was well and in good spirits. It was quick and peaceful, which I know is better - but just so hard to get our heads round. We didn't have chance to say goodbye.

We'd planned to travel to Liverpool on Thursday and we still made the trip. It was good to be around family, finding strength in each other.

Anyway, I sort of wanted to give up with this #100happydays malarkey but after missing one day I decided to keep going. Really, it's in difficult times that this challenge really comes into its own: to keep finding the positives. So that's what I tried to do.

#100happydays week two

Day Nine: After a really busy week I was glad of a chill out day, and tried out the Una Brennan Super Facialist Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask.

Day Ten: Following an awful night's sleep (and perhaps overdoing it week before) I passed out at work and had to go home. I was so shattered and spent the day in bed, half-awake, half-asleep and in the company of this little one.

Day Eleven: My lovely friend Katherine came over after work and cooked me dinner (thank you!) - gnocchi with butternut squash in a lemon and rosemary sauce.

Day Twelve: This was Thursday, the day after Grandad passed. We got to Liverpool and were glad to be in company of family - talking about the wonderful, cheeky and charming man that Grandad was. I love this photo of us.

Day Thirteen: Booked to see Kristin Chenoweth at the Royal Albert Hall. Nice night to look forward to.

Day Fourteen: We had a late dinner at the Turkish restaurant on South Road in Waterloo. Gorgeous food and good company. At the end of the meal the prankster of a waiter went to drop a (fake) coffee over my cousin Steve. Took us all by surprise and made us laugh, especially Steve. First time in a while and much needed.

Day Fifteen: Waiting to see the minister about the funeral I checked my email to find an email from another POTS patients from King's Hospital. She'd been passed on my blog from the specialist nurse and wanted to get in touch. Both of those things really blew me away, and so nice to be in touch with someone in a similar situation.

Day Sixteen: A long car journey back made easier with my iPad, including an interesting documentary on the brilliant Bill Hicks.

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