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#100happydays: week one

After seeing the hashtag #100happydays pop up on Facebook and Twitter, I did some investigating. The idea is that you photograph something each day that made you happy. Naturally, I loved the concept straight away!

I haven't managed to keep up my Susan Jeffers inspired daily diary (see here) so this seems like a perfect alternative - archiving these lovely little moments, and bringing gratitude to the forefront.

It also means I'll be taking more photos too, which can only be a good thing.

So here goes, week one...

100happydays week one

Day One: A day trip to King's Hospital for my Ivabradine trial. Following the minimum dose, my second ECG showed a drop of 19bpm which is pretty incredible. 

They gave me enough for at least a month, so fingers crossed this will really help. As always, the nurse was brilliant: so supportive, understanding and knowledgeable about POTS. 

Day Two: A chill out day at my parents' home in Medway.

Day Three: Then a chill out day back home in Canterbury. First episode of Grey's Anatomy after the season break. I love that programme so much. Genuinely bit worried about how I'll handle when it one day ends!

Day Four: Back to work but feeling pretty lousy, headache (maybe side effect, who knows) and lagging in energy. Happy for an early night. Candles are No.2's Orchid and Vanilla and Yankee Candles' Merry Berry.

Day Five: Came home to Rocky sleeping on the stairs. Too cute.

Day Six: Had a bit more energy so decided to stay after work to watch Propeller's A Midsummer Night's Dream. I enjoyed the show, it was fun - but it was also really nice to see the audience's reaction.

We sat behind a large group of primary school age girls who were really excited by the play. One whispered to the other "I think that's Puck!" as he came on - so sweet. Lovely to witness kids excited for Shakespeare and a production that really engaged them.

Day Seven: I felt hecka rough on Friday but had made plans to see Hopelessly Devoted by Kate Tempest at work. I met some friends to eat at Boho in Canterbury (such good food and lovely atmosphere) then saw the show, and was glad I did.

Day Eight: Third show in a row - good week for theatre. We went up to London for the 11.30am performance of Daniel Kitson's Analog.Ue. As predicted, it was completely brilliant. He has a beautiful way with words, and a relentless thirst for trying new things - veering further into the realms of experimental theatre, though the comedy will always be there.

He's elusive, and he's completely refreshing. I only wish I could have a transcript or recording to take in some of the phrases from the show/story again. If you ever get the chance to see him, do.

I did find it slightly difficult, and even missed a day (oops), not because there wasn't happiness had - just that I'm not used to photographing and sharing these kind of daily moments. A part of me thought, will anyone want to see these? But if nothing else, this is for me - to enjoy each day and then to look back on.

Still, I want to try and get more photos of the outside world, and with friends. I guess I'm still getting used to taking photos in this way.

Follow me on Instagram to see the daily photos, and let me know if you're taking part too so I can follow your journey too!


  1. What a great idea! Diary or jounral is too much pressure, or effort. But a picture, that just might work. Thank you.


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