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This week on the world wide web #3

Another weekly round-up of fun/inspiring/lovely/thought-provoking type things on the world wide web...

Spell Block Tango

If you love Disney and musical theatre, this will be right up your street. Chicago's Cell Block Tango adapted to fit the Disney villains - performed by Broadway stars.

Foot In The Door Arts

This new website is a place for those just starting out in the arts - with helpful and relatable articles from people working in, or towards, different creative industries. There's some lovely reads on there already, and I look forward to seeing how the site grows. 

36 Perfectly Timed Animal Shots

Image: Frieke Janssens
Oh man. Just look at that photo. I love it when animals hug humans (if you haven't watched the Christian the lion video - do so now). Even if this photo's not real - I don't care. I love it.

This came from a page with 36 perfectly timed animal shots. Some of them are fun and silly, others are just stunning.

Incredible colorized historical photos

Image: imgur
This is another page of historical photos, but this time they've been colorized. There's something really odd and lovely about it. It makes history feel a little more tangible, rather than this old grey-scale world separate to ours.


When I saw Lily Allen's new video for Hard Out Here, I was glad of her taking a stand against sexism and misogyny - but the video made me feel a little uncomfortable. Then again, most pop music videos seem to do that nowadays.

Here, spoken word artist Deanna Rodger expresses eloquently and movingly, the race issues within this video - and makes us think a little deeper about this "satirical" video. If this is Lily tackling the issues she's faced as a female pop star, the choices she's made within this video are certainly a little surprising to say the least.