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This week on the world wide web #2

Another weekly round-up of good things on the internet. Enjoy.


Such a raw, powerful and important piece of performance poetry, with a message that needs to be heard.

40 must-see photos from the past

I loved this page of must-see photos from the past. It mixes big historical moments with everyday scenes. The old cliché of a picture being worth a thousand words rings true here.

I quite like that you don't know the full background, and just have a glimpse into this moment. If you have any interest in social history, or just like striking photographs - you need to look through this page.


This cartoon from Robot-Hugs perfectly describes depression and anxiety - and how to be there for someone.

I forgot my phone

This morning I woke up and my phone was in another room. I didn't know the time, but also I usually go straight online and on social media, but I couldn't. I felt out of sorts.

This video is a perfect reminder of just how much we're on our phones. We think through social media we're staying connected with the world, but it ends up meaning we're more disconnected. We're becoming unable to fully engage with and enjoy situations, reaching for our phones in any kind of pause.

I'm about to start reading a book on mindfulness but already I'm somewhat aware that being constantly plugged can't be doing me any good.

Baby LED light suit

And this is just plain cute.