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The 'Scariest Thing'

Image from Paranormal Activity, via

So thought this could be a nice and distracting, Halloween appropriate post to do, slight variation on the 'scariest thing' tag - which Fleur De Force posted the other day.

1. What is your scariest real life experience?

So thought this would be distracting - but first answer relates back to the whole POTS situation. So, scariest real life experience was a time I passed out in the middle of a rehearsal, while sitting, five minutes after passing out before. 

I felt like I was being dragged across the room at 90mph and there were bright flashing lights. Not had one quite like that before or since thankfully. It felt like I was dying and it was horrible.

2. Scariest paranormal experience?

When I went to Budapest with my Mum in March, one night I woke up and felt really awake suddenly. I looked over and there was, what looked like, a young woman in a nurse's uniform just looking at me. Oddly, I wasn't scared. If anything I was a little comforted. It was a nice presence. After a few minutes she faded.

More likely some sort of just-woken-up vision, but rather odd all the same.

3. Are you afraid of the dark? Why?

Only when it's unexpected. One day at work (the theatre) I was walking through the corridor by the circle when all the lights went off. I had to feel my way to the door and it really freaked me out. 

At home it's fine, but in that kind of environment it just made me a little anxious - not even that something would happen or that it was spooky, just feeling in suddenly unfamiliar surroundings. 

4. Does your hometown have any scary stories/legends?

There's a lot of stories about Blue Bell Hill: dead girls wandering and big dogs and stuff. Oh and the secondary school I went to in Chatham, Fort Pitt Grammar School, used to be a military hospital  - so there were stories of ghosts and that. I remember the music block used to be a mental health ward, so people used to create stories around that and get freaked out.

5. What is your scariest nightmare?

I used to get sleep paralysis - where the dream was I was in my room with exact same surroundings, but trapped. I tried to shout, or bang phone or radio on wall, but no sound would come out. In the dream my flatmate or then boyfriend would come in but then mutate and attack me. Other times, same thing but a little girl standing in corner of room - looking away and not moving or speaking. 

It was so scary, that I wanted to but couldn't wake up - and that it felt more like reality than a dream.

6. Favourite scary movie?

I do love a good horror film - ones that keep you tense - then make you jump. The all-out gore ones I can take or leave. 

My favourite has to be the Paranormal Activity series. I think what got me about those was the "real life" setting - no trip to an abandoned old house or creepy children hanging around, just a couple in a flat getting haunted. Loved it.

Let me know any good horror films I should see - there seems to be a lack of them so always want to hear recommendations.