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The Les Clochards - The Boys Are Back In Town

Part of going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is getting bombarded with flyers to a ridiculous point. Some you may keep in your bag unlooked at, others will drawn you in. Others however - you want to receive, or perhaps you even request one. Crikey.

Walking by the Pleasance we saw a band dressed in a European trampish style (whatever that means) playing and singing Blurred Lines. It got my attention and I wanted to take a flyer. They stayed in my mind and we went to see them on the last night of our trip.

It was the perfect way to end the festival for me.

I don't tend to go to gigs, or listen to much new music to be honest. While I try to see lots of new theatre, music I'm a bit behind the times.

What the "boys" do is perform covers - but in the most original, energetic and actually funny way you could(n't) imagine. They put their own touch on pretty much every musical genre within the gig. I never thought I would hear someone make a Dirty Dancing song sound actually cool.

They made jokes, they jumped around and they brought the audience to life. It was wild and it was joyous.

On leaving I bought two CDs. That is something I wouldn't have expected either.

These guys deserve a heck of a lot of success. They have such a presence about them - particularly the lead vocalist with a cheeky glint in his eye and with vocals that were like a blend of Phil Collins and Tim Minchin - in a very good way.

My only disappointment was that Blurred Lines didn't actually feature in their set. Boo. Still, maybe next year.

This is one of those Fringe events where an hour feels so short it's almost cruel - but they left on a high. They're also very self-aware in a charming, dry humour kind of way - introducing another song in their set as "the only cover we'll play tonight..." and at the end riffing about the silly set-up of an encore - then giving us what we wanted and coming back with one more song.

So yes, if you're still at the festival (I'm very jealous) - go and see The Les Clochards. You'll bloody love it.

The Les Clochards perform at Assembly Checkpoint at 9.10pm until 25 August.