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Review: The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show

With the compilation nature of the show, this probably isn't something you would put on your must-see list before going to the festival - but you really should.

We got flyered for The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show while sitting in the Pleasance Courtyard. It appealed to us partly because of the time slot. We'd somehow planned our days quite quickly - with must-see shows often clashing at 3pm and 5/6pm but there was little on at this time of the day. It also meant we could skip breakfast at the B&B which meant getting a bit of extra sleep too.

I don't think we were expecting much from this. With little awareness of the company we just thought it'd be something nice to start the day. Actually, it was one of our highlights.

Bite-size present you with five short plays with an accompanying breakfast in the form of coffee, strawberries and croissants. Something about the set-up made me presume these would be "serious" new works of writing - that we would think and talk about over a coffee. Actually it was a lot of fun - with most of the plays having us laughing - a lot.

With three different "menus" of plays across different days (we saw menu 2), you could actually make a few trips to this if you're in Edinburgh for long enough, and I'd advise you do.

The writing of each piece was sharp and surprising - varying between the quietly funny and the outright ridiculous (cannibalistic mating rituals of the praying mantis anyone?) - with touching moments too.

There are some great actors here - with impeccable comic timing. The play about the two superficial "friends" who meet for coffee and let the audience in on their real thoughts was particularly well-played.

Bite-size really does set you up for the day. On the breakfast front not so much: enjoy the food but probably don't skip your actual breakfast. It sets you up though in the way that you leave on a high.

We saw a lot of things at the Fringe that dealt with heavy material, often dealt with using humour, but heavy all the same. This provided some much-needed light relief in the form of well-written and well-played comedy.

Don't under estimate this company - they really are quite brilliant.

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show plays at the Pleasance Dome at 10.30am until 26th August.