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People are good

People are good and do exciting things. Basically, this post is a way to let you know about people I know doing various exciting things which you should follow - if you like what they're doing, which I'm sure you will.

Sometimes it feels a bit odd to write about people I know whose work I admire rather than strangers. I think as a nation we're very bad at both giving and receiving compliments but that's silly. People should get behind these projects and that's it really! Anything's awkward if you think about it too much so let's all just crack on and support eachother.

What Emily Did Next

This is a new beauty blog from my lovely friend Emily-Rose. I'm always interested to hear of new products but while I love the pictures in beauty spreads in magazines, the descriptions of the products often seem so impersonal.

What I love about Emily-Rose's blog is the tone in which it's written - informative about the products but in a way which feels like a friend telling you about their latest finds. I know obviously in my case that's literally what it is, but the point is that it's much more accessible and a more enjoyable read because of it. Plus I now have several new products which I really want to try, something I never usually get from magazines. My bank balance might not thank me for that but my face will. Well, it won't, but you get the point.


BISH BASH BOSH (find them on Facebook & Blogspot) is an exciting new creative platform for all the talented and creative people/cheeky little culture vultures that reside in the quirky old seaside town that is Brighton. With features on drag queens, performance artists, and whatever else comes to their attention - since the page started I've always enjoyed and been intrigued by their posts.

What's nice about BISH BASH BOSH is that the articles are well considered and written but the Facebook page is a lot of fun in the way it gives this out - very much encapsulating the spirit of Brighton with a tongue firmly in cheek and a silly old sense of humour rightly in place. Like their page whether you're a Brightonian or not - lots of fun to be had here.


Jakeisha (find & like her on Facebook) is a Brighton-based up-and-coming drag artist. BISH BASH BOSH wrote a brilliant piece on gender gymnastics which looked at the history of drag queens but also focused on Jakeisha, talking to Jake about his experiences pre and post drag which was really interesting to read. Her Facebook statuses are a lot of fun, her photos fierce and I'm hoping there'll be more videos to come too.

I see a very bright future for this sexy little madame.

Ryan McNulty

Finally some proper lovely folk music all written, recorded and performed by Ryan McNulty (find his music page on Facebook and on Soundcloud).  He's getting some well-deserved support from the likes of Folk Alley and BBC Introducing. So if you like lovely folk music then check that out.