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Tazos and Pogs. Pink Calpol. Putting on a fashion show with my new clothes from Lakeside. Refusing to eat brown bread. Refusing to eat most vegetables. Woolworths selling miniature cans of fizzy drinks from pic'n'mix style containers and my uncle buying me a Mr Blobby's Pink Lemonade.

Having a pink Spice Girls lunch box. Being a member of the Spice Girls fanclub and getting monthly newsletters. Starting but never finishing a sticker collection. Watching Grease over and over again. Going to the theatre and it feeling big and sacred like a church.

Pretending to be a witch in the garden with a broom as a broomstick and spending hours just imagining. Ballet on a Saturday morning (good toes, naughty toes) and getting a magazine from Rosie's newsagents afterwards.

Going across the railway bridge from the Co-op to Balmoral Gardens and watching and waving to the trains going by. The Barbie board game. Crying when we had to say goodbye to the leaders of the Gofa summer club.

Going to swimming lessons and fighting with my brother over who would get to call my Dad to say we were on the way, using my Mum's mobile. Always telling Mum which turning she needed to take for the swimming pool and her saying thank you - even though she always knew the way. The big green frog bins outside of Splashes.

Duck duck goose. Crying all the way home when Simba's dad died in the Lion King and when the face on the screen died in the Power Rangers movie. Playing with my brother and our toys interacting - my Barbies and his Power Rangers.

Getting a scooter for my birthday and my dad taking me to the park. Getting a bike for my birthday and my parents leaving a trail of balloons from my bedroom to the conservatory to find it. Rowing with my brother who insisted Oasis were better than the Spice Girls. The action stations play area at Lakeside and being too scared to go on the vertical slide.

Singing to my parents after dinner and not knowing what the song '2 become 1' was really about. Putting on a magic show for my parents. Going to see Cats at the theatre and being amazed when the old cat knew my name without telling him - then later realising I was wearing an alice band with my name on it. Haven holidays and Rory the tiger and the giftshop with all the sparkly light-up toys next to the dancefloor. Trying to learn a solo dance for a show where I was Bo Peep and teaching it to my parents to try to remember it.

Easter egg hunts in my Grandpa's bungalow and one year he hid the video of the Disney film Pocahontas and me being ecstatic.

Not liking having to clean out the hamster's cage but doing it anyway. Going to see Santa in a department store every Christmas. Putting the stocking on the end of my bed and leaving a carrot for Rudolf and a glass of port for Santa. Karaoke every Boxing Day with our neighbours. Going down the High Street with my Mum and constantly asking her which shop we were going to next.

Putting all the posters from Smash Hits on my wall - even the popstars I didn't like that much. Blackpool pleasure beach and the illuminations with my cousins. Eating a lot of mint Skittles when my Grandpa was in hospital.  Going to Capstone Park and feeding a goat and it taking the whole bag and me and my brother saying we should send the footage to You've Been Framed. Having my hair french plaited every Christmas Eve so it would be wavy the next day.

Having my face painted. Going for days out and seeing family friends in London. Going to Pleasurewood Hills and my Mum being roped into an entertainment show and her dressing up as a witch and being really scared. Looking at the fish at Hempstead Valley. Losing the spoon from my cousin's Baby All Gone doll and feeling bad about it. Spending hours putting together a fairground ride out of Knex. The funny little memories that come back to you when you really think about it and the ones that hit you out of nowhere.

The first phrase 'tazos and pogs' taken from Peter Manson's Adjunct.


  1. The big white slide at action stations! I was terrified of that too!


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