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Over the course of a night. On the banks of the Thames in Essex. 3 boys hide after a night of recklessness.

Vicky Donoghue's "Mudlarks" was the last play we saw at Hightide Theatre Festival and one of the most memorable. The stage set was unlike anything I'd seen before. Amy Cooks has managed to completely depict the banks of the Thames in her design. The audience are seated in a traverse layout in the long and narrow space and consequently feel closer to the action and the teenage boys' fear as they hide in this bleak space.

The performances from the three young actors are phenomenal. Here we see three teenagers who realise that their childish messing about is not so childish anymore and has bigger, scarier consequences. We see a mindset where to have aspirations in life is laughable and to make an impact in the world means taking reckless actions to be "remembered". The writing was a perfect mix between the poetic and the everyday. While the characters make bad decisions, we empathise with them - they need a way out and there doesn't seem to be one for them. The energy is so high throughout the performance whether conveying fear or excitement, the writing and performances draw you in. It's transferring to Theatre 503 and again if you get a chance to see it - do.

29th May - 2nd June 2012 - Theatre503, London