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Brighton Festivals

Today is the 1st of May and thus begins an exciting month where Brighton really comes to life hosting two festivals: Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival. The choice of shows is overwhelming. This is the first year in my four years of living in Brighton that I haven't had a part time job. So this is the first time I am completely free to take in everything I can. There is the small matter of dissertations being due in the middle of the month - but all the same I'm aiming to see as much as I can. I suggest you do the same and make the most of such exciting events happening in this city. Here are just a few shows that I'm already excited about...

Witness Theatre's The Importance of Being Earnest

A much loved play combined with tea, cake and live music seems like a perfect combination to me. Witness Theatre are an exciting new Brighton based theatre company exploring works visually and creating memorable experiences for their audiences.

Redroaster Coffee House
11th-13th & 17th-20th May, 8pm

Wit Tank


I saw these guys at the Edinburgh fringe festival a few years ago and am so excited to be seeing them again. Their sketch show had my friend and I laughing throughout and reminding eachother of so many of the funny moments again and again. One of the best sketch comedy groups around - you'd be a fool to miss them.

Upstairs at Three and Ten
5th & 6th May, 8pm

.dash's 'And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out'

'Astrophysics via boy meets girl' is a bizarre but interesting concept. Their use of physical theatre and multimedia excites me. Plus I'm a sucker for show titles beginning in 'And', don't ask me why.

The Warren
5th-7th May, 4.30pm

SUDS Theatre Company's Hedda Gabler

This is one of my favourite plays, possibly my favourite play. It's hard to say, but the point is that I bloody love it. So I'm intrigued to see what SUDS do with it. Some scathing but hilarious lines, you can't quite believe the audacity of the protagonist Hedda in her actions. The most charismatic theatre villain there's ever been in my eyes.

The Old Courtroom
10th-13th May, 7pm

dreamthinkspeak's 'The Rest is Silence'

I've wanted to see this company for years, especially after 2010's Before I Sleep when I had countless numbers of people telling me about their experiences when dreamthinkspeak took over the old co-op building on London Road. It sounded incredible. This year brings us The Rest is Silence, 'a cinematic and dreamlike deconstruction of Hamlet.' The audience move through the space and are immersed in the performance. Artistic director, Tristan Sharps, describes this experience as 'like being immersed in a kaleidoscopic film'.

Malthouse Estate Warehouse
2nd-27th May, 29th May-8th June, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 9pm
£10-£25 (see website for details)

dv8's 'Can We Talk About This?'

Fusing physical and verbatim theatre, dv8 have produced a poltical performance with a difference: addressing issues of freedom, censorship and Islam. The company have a strong reputation and for a reason - don't miss your chance to see them in Brighton.

Brighton Dome, Corn Exchange
24th-26th May, 8pm, 2.30pm matinee (26th)
£10-£22.50 (see website for details)


  1. I'm seeing Private Lives, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Tim Clare and Isy Suttie but i'm very jealous you're seeing 'Can we talk about this' Missed out on tickets and it's sold out.


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