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A phone rings.

Woman: Okay. One minute.

She slides out of bed and walks slowly to the front door. She opens it. Her boyfriend stands there. She lets him in but doesn’t acknowledge him. She walks back to bed, climbs in and continues to cry into her pillows. He gets into bed with her, still fully clothed. He holds her. She doesn’t respond.

Man: It’s okay.

The scene fades to blackout as they lie in bed.

Man: Please be better.

Woman: What? I’m trying. I’m really trying.

Man: I know. I…I just wish… (sigh) Nothing. Nevermind. (Pause) I love you.

Woman: I know…

This was my submission for The Royal Court's 100 Word Plays project. The deadline is the 10th April and the short plays are being displayed all over the theatre, so if you have time it's worth doing!