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What gets me through the day

A cup of tea - milk and two sugars. 50mcg of fludrocortisone. 5mg of midodrine. 20mg of citallopram. A bowl of weetos served in a plastic bowl. Fresh air and sunshine. Audience response. A friend makes me smile. A friend makes me laugh cackle. Having something to work on. Having someone to talk to. Inspirational words on a poster telling me to go now and live. A poster of New York. The thought that in a few months I'll be free. The thought that in time I will be better. A text from my mum. Putting on make up and a glam dress when I feel like shit. Putting the hood up on my dressing gown and feeling warm and feeling safe. An unexpected compliment. Having something creative up my sleeve. Knowing where I'm from and knowing where I'm going. Making plans. Doing a stupid face. Doing a stupid voice. Taking my work seriously but not taking myself too seriously. Surrounding myself with positive people.