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'Vulnerability is not weakness but courage'

These talks by Brené Brown encapsulate so many of my thoughts on mental health, creativity and life in general. She conducted research on vulnerability and shame and here she presents what she found. Brené is an incredible speaker - incorporating humour, storytelling and personal experience into serious research.

She talks a lot about shame and how the only way it won't survive is by talking and surrounding it with empathy: something very applicable to my thoughts on the stigma around mental illness. She also talks about risk taking and how vulnerability and innovation are inexplicably linked. So in my world this would be doing something new in terms of performance or writing and how scary that can be.

Something that really stood out for me is how hard it is for us to show vulnerability. I'm one for keeping going and staying strong but Brené talks about how vulnerability and weakness are not the same and how we need to remember that.


  1. Just clicked over from 20SB and wanted to say I'm liking your blog --it's inspiring!

  2. Brene Brown has quickly become one of my favorite speakers. :)


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