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Thank you Mum

You could tell from her friends at her party how loved she is. She brings a warmth to the room. She works hard and with compassion. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she's working - I imagine she's such a good, lovely and reassuring nurse. I'd feel safe with her. I don't know if she knows what a difference she makes on a daily basis. She'll hold my feet when I'm cold. She'll hold me when I'm sad. She'll give me encouragement when I'm down but also when things are going well. She's beautiful but I don't think she knows. We'll watch stupid telly together and talk about it for hours. We'll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake and aim to go to bed early but talk til three in the morning. We'll go shopping together and get excited about smart phones and seven seater taxis. She'll answer the phone at two in the morning and listen. And she'll make me laugh. She always makes me laugh. She always has a story and she always finds the humour. Whatever happens we get through it together. She didn't have an easy childhood but you couldn't tell, she's not bitter but positive. She fights my corner when I'm too busy or too scared. I'll know from a text that she's thinking about me. She makes it easy to be open and easy to be myself. I've given her some difficult times which I am still sorry for, but we have got so much closer over the past few years. I will never really be able to express just how much I appreciate her constant support.

If in my life I am half the woman, half the friend, half the mother that she is - I will be truly happy.

Thank you Mum.


  1. This was so lovely to read. Thank you for sharing it. Your mother sounds like an incredible woman, and a great role model for anyone. There is no one quite like mothers, is there?

    Sofie /

  2. Makes me a little more appreciative for my own mother. Thank you. :)

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. This is a lovely tribute to your mum and all the wee stories are very cute :)


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