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Elizabeth Gilbert: On creativity & suffering

While I have only read one book by Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love, it was a book which really impacted on me. I was in the midst of depression and her words about being in a similar place and her recovery struck a chord. She was funny while also being moving. So it was interesting to see her talk about the process behind her work, or as she puts it - 'the maddening capriciousness of the creative process.' She talks about the burden on the artist after a successful piece of work and the link between creativity and suffering. To create art as either a profession or pastime can be frustrating and Gilbert talks about how we can approach this process with a mindset which is distanced rather than damaging.

Also if you haven't been on before you really should. There is so much engaging and insightful information on the internet and this site is an example of that - recorded lectures on a variety of topics. It's very easy to just spend time on Facebook or Twitter but here you really have the opportunity to learn something as well as the content being genuinely enjoyable.