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Black Snow

In two days time it will be opening night for our final ever drama performance at Sussex Uni. A very bizarre feeling. Even more bizarre is the fact that due to health reasons I won't even be performing this year, which is sad but I've stepped into an assistant director role and really loved it. All that "every cloud" malarkey is true - I wouldn't have had an opportunity to direct in such a safe and supportive environment without this. I was disappointed at first but have thrown myself into my directing and publicity roles.

A very limited number of free tickets for the show are available from the School of English office at Sussex Uni.
Interested? Read on...

"Maxudov wrote a book! It wasn’t successful.
So he's written a play! But the tyrannical director of the Independent
Theatre has taken over. We'll see how that goes...

Sussex University’s Drama finalists invite you to join us in the weird,
wonderful and sometimes woeful world of Black Snow. Adapted from Mikhail
Bulgakov’s theatrical novel, Black Snow follows one disillusioned but
determined writer in his attempts to infiltrate the Independent Theatre and
the cacophony of melodrama, power-struggle and conspiracy it hides within.

And finally, a cheeky little trailer I've made for the show. To be honest we didn't need to do much publicity as numbers are limited and we have enough friends of cast/members of faculty etc that want to come and see the show. Still I like to put everything into these things all the same. Plus publicity can be so much more than just getting bums on seats - its about engaging with an audience in exciting and innovative ways. I also thought it would be a nice thing for the cast to look back on after the show. Enjoy!