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and the living is easy...


On Monday I finished university for the summer. Autumn term begins at the beginning of October. I can't quite comprehend how much free time that is! So bizarre to have, other than work at the weekend, no obligations. With university, there's always something you should be doing, it's odd for that feeling to be completely gone. I want to really make the most of this summer. It's so easy to lose all direction when you're completely free, so I've decided to make a list of things I want to will do this summer! Here goes:

  • Learn Polish - I've got the computer programme which helps you learn and Joanna will be able to help. My mum wondered what the use of learning it was, but I just like learning languages.

  • Relearn French - I used to be so good at it and would love to get to a level of fluency as I get older.

  • Go to the beach more - I love just sitting and reading by the sea, I don't know why I don't do this more.

  • Go to the theatre more - Throughout the last term of university I would constantly be hearing wonderful things about shows through Twitter that I didn't have the time to see. So expect more reviews this summer!

  • Get more involved at Brighton Dome - Will be good to not just do a little bit of marketing but help out more and in different areas.

  • Go to Liverpool - it's been too long since I saw my family.

  • Write a play - This is a big one but something I would love to do. Will start small with little bits of writing and then hopefully develop something over the summer.

  • Give blood - I don't know why I've never done this...

  • Start the video project - of which you know nothing yet but will become clear in the near future.

  • Do a fitness DVD - my level of fitness is shocking. Not even about losing weight, just know it's something I probably should do.

  • Read - for pleasure but also to prepare for next year. I've ordered books on the courses I'm doing next year. I always plan to be well prepared but it never really happens. Anything which is gonna help me do well/cope with the chaos that will be third year is necessary.

  • Go on a beach holiday - not sure how plausible this one is financially, but the last time I had one was 3 years ago! Much needed really.