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The Passion of Joan Arc

So this month is proving to be pretty exciting really. I turned 21, we performed our adaptation of Zimmerman's Metamorphoses: which I loved and am so sad is over, and now I have the fun of Brighton Festival & fringe festival for the rest of the month. I was supposed to see Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui's Apocrifu last night at the Brighton Dome but I couldn't as got really ill, so gutted to miss out - it looked incredible. If you get the chance to see it: do. There's quite a few things I'm excited about seeing but there was one show which I was so hyped about when I realied I'd get free tickets (cheeky I know) and also to promote the student deal for.

The Passion of Joan Arc is a silent movie from 1928, beautifully and hauntingly portraying this famous narrative - using historical transcripts of the actual event. On Sunday 29th May this is being shown at the Brighton Dome, with a live score from members of Goldfrapp and Portishead. I'm always interested in performance events that play with interdisciplinarity - a stupidly big word looking at it on the screen, but I just mean an event that straddles different kinds of performance mediums and thus, hopefully, creates a new kind of experience. This looks to be one of those events.

A quote from The Guardian - 'The film ends with an extraordinary sequence that recalls the shower scene in Psycho ... the way the excellent ensemble takes us to its finale, raising dynamics as well as the score's dissonance, ensures its horror continues in the mind long afterwards.' **** - The Guardian

Tickets can be booked through the Brighton Dome website. The price for students would usually be £15 but if you use the promo code STU5 you can get a reduced rate ticket of only £5, courtesy of my hard work! You'll need to bring student ID with you on the night.

See you there!