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So I've recently started volunteering with Brighton Dome & Festival, and I am so excited that this show is the first thing I'm helping with. Bill Hicks once said - "If anyone here is in advertising or marketing... kill yourself." Now, this man is one of my favourite comedians. However, I don't think I could publicise something I didn't care about, same as anyone else in Marketing but in something they love ie theatre. So, please don't think I'm just doing this because it's my job - it's an incredible show!

I saw this about 5 or 6 years ago in the West End. It opened in London in 2002 and is still running which in itself says something, especially as it's not your typical West End show. The Brighton Dome website describes the show as "Combining theatre, dance, comedy and percussion, eight performers use boots, bins, brooms and everything including the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feel good rhythm." I think that's what I loved about it: the combination of so many different mediums.

It's hard to imagine this forming a whole show I think, and a lot of people are skeptical about how much they would enjoy it, presuming they would get bored, but there is so much variety within the show. It's not just percussion and dance, the dynamics within the group are worked with and parts even had me in hysterics - being so talented with the percussion side of performance while combining this with comedy is innovative and brilliant really. I posted a link on facebook about the deal for Stomp and my friend commented asking - 'Is that the thing that's just loads of people stamping at the same time?' While he made me laugh, the answer to that is an adamant no. For one thing that would get boring, and also it sounds a bit sinister.

I went with my family and it must have been about £30 a ticket. The show is currently on tour and about to come to Brighton. For the first two nights of its run (Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th March) there is a £5 student deal. This is such a bargain, especially for such a quality show, and for those that are still skeptical - give it a try, for the price of two drinks I reckon you'll have a wicked evening out. Because the show is so different to anything else and covers so many performative forms it is hard to describe the experience, but it really is so much fun. To get this deal, you need to quote the promo code CREW5 when you buy tickets: online, over the phone or in person at the box office. The show is at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall and starts at 7.30pm. You need to take student ID with you when you collect your tickets.

Go to Brighton Dome website for more information, including a video, and to book tickets. Also go to the facebook event to click attending, invite friends & ask any questions about the deal.